Please pray!

Just received this message from our District Office:
“We just received word that Danny Dillon, husband of Mary Ann, pastor at Konawa, was killed in a traffic accident on his way to work this morning. Mary Ann was at her daughter’s home in Texarkana when she received word.
We’ll pass the word along as more information becomes available. Everyone lift Mary Ann and the family in your prayers this morning.”

Prayer Request

We want to remember both Poindexter families during this time of loss.  Many in our church are friends and/or relatives of the Betty Poindexter family and the Ira Poindexter family.  Click here for funeral information.

Prayer Request

Unspoken.  (We all have them, and the Lord knows each one.)

Prayer Request

The son of Paul & Shelly Rodebush is very sick. They are requesting prayer.

Prayer Request from Betty Mosby

I am requesting prayer for Hannah & Reanna’s family in the loss of baby Gabriel.


I just received word that Rev. Tom Gray passed away today.  Our prayers go out to Karen and the family.  Tom has fought the good fight.  He is now celebrating with Jesus.

Prayer Request from Pennsylvania

This request comes from my previous church in Dover, PA.  Phil is a dear friend of mine and I want to share this request with my Sallisaw First family and friends.  There is great power in prayer!  -  Pastor Becki

“Prayer chain needed for a Mountain Grove Chapel family member….Phil Shenk is battling lung cancer and has been having chemo treatments. Currently he is in the Hershey Medical Center needing surgery for a ruptured Diaphragm which is blocked by his small intestines. He will have to wait for the chemo to clear his body before he is able to have surgery. Please pray for Phil that he will be able to have his surgery as soon as possible. Prayers for complete healing from this and his cancer would be greatly appreciated along with prayers for his wife Alice and his 2 girls,  April and Amanda. Please pray and share!”

Prayer Request from the Mid-Atlantic District

Please share this prayer request with your people…….
Word from the hospital (Johns Hopkins) regarding Tom Gray is not good today (Tuesday, June 11, 2013).  He is at another critical juncture following his bone marrow transplant.  Pastor Phil Bolerjack (Grace Pointe Community Church) and Pastor Kevin Hardy (Crossroads Church) are at the hospital along with the family as I write this note.  PLEASE share this prayer request if you would.  Tom needs a divine intervention.
Tom & Karen Gary are former missionaries to the Middle East, including Turkey. They returned a few years ago because of Tom’s cancer. He recently had a bone marrow transplant.
Thank you!

Prayer Request

Continue to pray for those whose lives have been touched by all the tornadoes and severe weather in the past weeks.  More severe weather is in the forecast.

Prayer Request

Pray for Betty Mosby’s father who was admitted to Sparks ICU with severe kidney infection.  This has caused a dangerously low blood pressure.